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LaBruce T.

Jesica is such a gem! In the early weeks with my newborn, she helped put my husband and I at ease by an in-home visit that assured us that not only was our newborn getting the nutrition that he needed, but that we were on the right track. Her kind and gentle demeanor was appreciated by me and my husband, but also by our little guy! She also provided fantastic "best practices" and suggestions for breastfeeding as well as continued support and encouragement. 
Aline Eskandari

Personal attention 
Jesica is a wonderful professional while making it personal. She is very knowledgeble. She is caring for not only the baby but she is truly interested in the mother's well being. She is the reason I was able to breastfeed my baby and still going at 10 months. She is very dedicated. Not enough words to explain how incredible she is. She truly has her heart in what she does. I feel very blessed to have had her by me when my baby was born. It made breastfeeding and motherhood even more magical. I wish everyone could have this opportunity.
Laura Bowden

Personal attention 
I contacted Jesica because I was having pain and discomfort with nursing my second child. I had already visited with a different LC that was unable to solve my problem and I was beginning to get very discouraged and while I really wanted to continue breastfeeding I was in so much pain that I felt like it would not be possible. Jesica was able to help me fix my issues after one meeting where we improved positioning to deal with my oversupply and fast let down and to avoid causing more injury and soreness. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to continue breastfeeding without Jesica. She is very easy to get along with, compassionate and very knowledgeable. I highly, highly recommend Jesica. 
Megan Fulton, PA-C

Jessica's availability when we had questions
Jessica came to our home over the weekend to help my husband and I understand how we could better support our little guy's feedings. She is very patient and has a very gentle and caring personality. As an RN, we loved the education and medical insight Jessica provided. My goal for breastfeeding was 6 months as a full time working mom, and I made it to almost 7 months! Jessica has helped me form a bond with our son that I can never repay her for. Breastfeeding is more difficult for some and having a breastfeeding medical expert and coach is crucial to the mind and body experience. 
Cecilia Mcmillan

Her availability for additional questions/concerns after the home consultation
Jessica is a warm and caring consultant with great knowledge of lactation and its related issues. She has helped me with both of my children, especially my first which was a very challenging breastfeeding relationship. I don't know if I would have been able to continue if it hadn't been for her help. I recommend her to all my mommy or future mommy friends. Breastfeeding is such a wonderful rewarding experience but sometimes help is needed. Jessica is the best out there!! And I know that 9 months later after my second child, I could still call Jessica if I needed help or had a question and she wouldnt hesitate to help me!!
Kristie R

Jesica was very approachable & I felt immediately at ease. 
Jesica was able to schedule quickly to help resolve our breast feeding issues. She continued to be available for additional help as needed. I also loved how attentive she was to my baby. She is very knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging. I would highly recommend her. 
Beth Ann Long

Jesica is so talented at what she does! She has been such an encouragement to me during all of my breastfeeding struggles (and there were many). She was incredibly knowledgable, and went above and beyond to make sure I was succeeding in my breastfeeding goals. If you are considering trying a lactation consultant, I highly recommend calling Jesica! Her advice and support are well worth the cost.
Melody Shemtov

Jesica was incredible! She came to my house a few days after my son was born and her advice was spot-on. She helped me understand what was happening to my body, and walked me through everything I needed to know for proper breastfeeding. When I called her back a week later, after the haze of the 1st week lifted, she went back through everything with me, answering all my questions patiently and knowledgeably. 
Breastfeeding can be overwhelming, but having a lifeline like Jesica makes it less so, and her confidence and calm demeanor make the experience much easier. 
Since then, I've had a few questions here and there, and she's always available to answer my questions and explain things to me. I would highly recommend Jesica to anyone who is breastfeeding or considering breastfeeding. She's the best at what she does!
Meri Pearce

I was overwhelmed by how caring and empathetic Jesica was when I met her. She took so much time getting to know me, asking about my baby and really listening to my issues with breastfeeding. She was kind, supportive and caring. 
When I met with Jesica, it had only been a few weeks since I delivered my little girl. I had an emergency c section, so I was still in a lot of pain with my recovery on top of the anxiety I was feeling with breastfeeding. My baby was VERY fussy and I was concerned it was because my milk supply was low. Jesica made me feel so comfortable and so supported rather than judged. Instead of telling me what I "had to do," she discussed options that made sense for me and my baby. She genuinely seemed to care not only about my baby's well being, but also about my own. When she left, I felt completely revitalized and had a renewed sense of confidence that I could succeed in breastfeeding my baby. Bottom line...Jesica was a lifesaver and so incredibly helpful. I would recommend her to anyone who has ANY concerns! 
Emilie J.

Jesica was so helpful. She came to our house when my daughter was 3 weeks old to help me manage my supply and figure out a breastfeeding plan. She was so comforting and encouraging. I really appreciated how she continued to think of me after our consult by sending me webinars on pumping at work for me to have once I went back. She honestly made the early days of breastfeeding seem so much easier. My daughter is now 8 months old, and breastfeeding is still going great! I attribute that to her advice and guidance. I have recommended her help to any friends that need insight on breastfeeding. She is amazing!
Shannon S

I started working with Jesica shortly after we brought our daughter home. She was feeding constantly and didn't seem to have a great latch. Jesica was amazing to work with! She worked around my schedule and did in-home visits which was a lifesaver since getting out with a newborn was difficult for me. Jesica would weigh her before the feed, watch me feed and offer tips and wonderful suggestions and then weigh after. She helped us improve the breastfeeding experience with her expertise and also reassured me that my baby was getting enough during her feeds. 
Jesica has so much experience and knowledge in this field and with children in general. She is always there when I have a random question no matter what it is. She will give me her honest opinion and offer wonderful suggestions that I had not thought of. I strongly recommend her and her services to any parents working on feeding issues or wanting to make a change or improvement to the feeding experience. She is wonderful, knowledgeable and caring.
DJ Phillips

It felt like I was leaning on a friend for help. 
I can't say enough good things about Jesica. I met her soon after my son's birth while still in the hospital. I never imagined breastfeeding to be so difficult but both he and I struggled the first two weeks! He was having trouble latching and my milk was taking it's sweet time coming in. Every time it was time for him to eat-he and I would both cry! Jesica was my first call! She put me right at ease and helped get us where we needed to be. 6 months into his little life and he's doing great! Being a first time mom- I have tons of questions! Jesica always makes me feel like they are important and that my son and I are special to her! She is so encouraging and knowledgeable! When I have had new concerns pop up throughout this journey I don't hesitate to reach out to her. Jesica is passionate about helping women and a true blessing to my family and our community! She'll be my first call again for any other children I may have!
Tina Viljac

The compassion she has for her clients and the knowledge she provides.
I had many roadblocks and bumps on the road to breastfeeding until I met Jesica. She's was very compassionate and professional and put me in the the right direction towards my breast feeding goals. I did not feel alone in this journey anymore she was encouraging and supportive and ever so grateful for what she has done for me and my family.
Shannon Berlinsky

Lactation consultation in the comfort of my own home
Jesica is simply amazing!! She was my lactation consultant at East Cooper with both my boys. With my second child I started having breastfeeding issues upon coming home from the hospital. I was at my wits end and considering switching to formula. I did some research and found Jesica's info. She returned my call quickly and we set up an in-home consultation. I can't describe how much Jesica helped us! She has such a warm, welcoming personality that immediately makes you feel comfortable. By the time she left my baby was latching much better and all my concerns were alleviated. It has now been over 4 months and we are still going strong with breastfeeding. Without Jesica I don't think we would have made it nearly this far. Hiring Jesica to help with your breastfeeding issues is one of the best things you'll do for you and your baby. She is truly wonderful. 
Lindsey Swift

Jessica's knowledge and kind heart
Breastfeeding was pretty easy for my daughter and I from the get go. She had a great latch, she was eating great and I was really enjoying breastfeeding, until I went back to work. I had a huge hate/love relationship with my pump and noticed that my supply was not were I wanted to be. Jessica came in and gave me great advice of ways to increase my supply along with a lot of encouragement. She also help me regain my supply after having a stomach virus that lasted for several days. I have and will continue to recommend Jessica to any moms that are breastfeeding and I plan to use her again when we have another baby. 

Mary D.

Jesica's knowledge and kindness made me feel comfortable
Jesica made me feel comfortable at a time when I was anything but comfortable. She encouraged me without pressuring me, which is exactly what I needed. As a first-time mom, I made some mistakes early on with a nursing/pumping combo (pre-Jesica) and ended up with a supply for multiples; it was excruciating. My daughter was also a bit premature and didn't have the easiest time nursing. Jesica's knowledge helped me get my supply under control and her understanding, calm, genuinely kind attitude made me comfortable during a hard time. She patiently answered all of my questions, promptly responded to calls and texts, and made herself available to my family, sometimes even rearranging her own family's schedule to accommodate mine. Without Jesica's help, support, and encouragement, I don't think I would have succeeded in nursing my daughter, who is now 12-months-old and hasn't been sick once!! I cannot recommend Jesica highly enough.
Jennifer Goodall

Jesica's knowledge and abilities to help.
Jesica Miller is the first person I wish every woman could meet after having a baby. Jesica is a professional and is genuine in her ability to help, guide, and aide any woman in her journey with breastfeeding.
Courtney Plotner

I felt completely comfortable with Jesica and trusted her 100%!
Jesica was a God send when I first got home from the hospital! My little one and I needed help and advice, and Jesica was so patient answering all of my (many!) questions. She was always available, and I could tell she genuinely cared and wanted to help. My little one is 6mo and still getting breastmilk. I literally would have stopped at 3 weeks without Jesica's help and support. 

It makes such a difference to have someone come sit down with you at home once you are out of the hospital! I highly recommend Jesica for all moms new and experienced! 
Kira Golub

I can't say enough nice things about Jessica and her knowledge of all things breastfeeding. I used her with my 2nd baby and wished I had known her with my first. She gave me tips that I hadn't heard or read about and was always quick to reply with answers to my questions. A must for any mama who plans to breastfeed! 
Juliana Johnson

I can't thank Jessica enough for all her help! I had a very rough start with my second child (after an easy and sucessful experience with my first). She was recommended by a friend and not only did she come to our house that same day, she didn't leave until she answered all my questions and set up a plan to meet our breastfeeding goals. She would also answer any questions via text in a promptly manner. I highly recommend Jessica and believe l wouldn't had been able to succeed if it hadnt been for her help. 
Anya B.

Breastfeeding in-home consultation
I am a first-time mother. During my baby's first week home I was frantically looking for an LC to help me manage breastfeeding pain. Jesica was overwhelmingly recommended by my acquaintances. She responded quickly when I messaged her through her website, and she scheduled my appointment within 2 days. She considerately emailed me some helpful web resources in the interim. 

During the consultation, Jesica was nothing but incredibly helpful, kind, and professional. Her adherence to evidence-based practices and her wealth of knowledge make her such a credit to her profession. I felt 1000% better after meeting with her. Being able to contact her through email and text for follow-up questions is a definite plus. I wholeheartedly recommend Jesica to all new and experienced mothers!
Angie Odachowski

So thankful I met Jessica; she was able to help me teach my son how to nurse. After leaving the hospital with my milk still not in, it was definitely stressful coming home to a hungry baby. Having a lactation nurse come to my home and help create a plan gave me the confidence I needed. Highly recommend her!
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