Learn Latch and Love in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, provides mothers with convenient breastfeeding solutions that consider your individual needs. As an international board certified lactation consultant, I offer breastfeeding tips and help you create a personalized breastfeeding plan. I spend many hands-on hours working with new moms and meet required continuing education hours to keep up with current evidence based practice.

Lactation Consultation

We spend an hour and a half to two hours at your home creating a plan specific to you and your own environment. Consider contacting a lactation consultant if:
  • You Are Experiencing Pain While Breastfeeding
  • You Are Experiencing a Low Milk Supply
  • Your Baby Is Having Trouble Gaining Weight
  • You had a difficult time nursing your previous child
  • You have a history of breast surgery
  • Your Baby was born early
  • You Have Multiples
  • You are experiencing plugged ducts or a breast infection
  •  You have been told to supplement with formula

Back To Work

A balance needs to be maintained when new mothers return to work for the first time after giving birth. I help mothers develop a plan for pumping, how much milk to leave for you baby, and maintaining your milk supply while you are away from your baby.
Contact me if you are having problems breastfeeding.
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